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  Is it lease renewal time for you yet? If so, one of the very best things you can do is give your tenants an occasional gift to show them that you value their business and don’t just see them just as a dollar sign. In this...

  There’s no doubt that investing in income property is one of the smartest decisions that any investor can make in 2019 because it’s been one of the best-performing assets of the last 20 years. As with any asset though there are some liabilities that you should...

Are you planning on investing in multifamily rental properties in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the United States? As with every investment, there are going to be some risks involved with investing in multifamily rental properties, that’s why in this article we will break down the...

Property owners in Los Angeles have a tougher time than owners or landlords in other states because of a wide variety of rules, regulations, and programs like the Los Angeles Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP). SCEP ensures that rental properties in Los Angeles are inspected like...

This property consists of is a six-unit condominium complex, each with 2bd/1ba. It is situated on a huge lot that should allow for construction of 25 new units with the appropriate current higher density allowances (land at $94.75/sf). ...

If you manage rental properties in California there are two proposed bills: (AB-330 and AB-1482) that could further erode your ability to run your small rental businesses in the Golden State. In this article, we will break down both bills and provide you with insight into...

For the first time in 10 years, Los Angeles residents who live in rent-controlled apartments will see slightly higher rent payments in the coming year thanks to a 4% rent increase.  Rents will be increased in accordance with the Rent Stabilization Ordinance which allows rent increases...

Do you own multifamily rental properties in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California? If so, the reality is that if one of your properties has 16 or more units you most likely have a resident manager or someone who lives there 24/7, and is always...