Is Student Housing a Good Investment?

Student Housing

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Many investors have invested in student housing in towns like Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego for decades because student housing is something that most students will need (unless they live at home), it’s recession proof, and best of all it offers predictable income.

Yes, Student Housing Is Still A Good Investment

Student housing remains a good investment not just because it offers you predictable income, it’s also a good investment because of the following:

  • There is a large pool of tenants who need housing.
  • You can expect fewer vacancies with student housing compared to other investment properties.
  • The net yield will be higher than the gross yields with your other rental properties.
  • Rent is often guaranteed when you’re renting to students.

Risks That Come with Renting to Students

As with any other type of investment property, there are potential risks which can come from renting to students:

  • Some students may be away from home for the first time and lack the maturity to handle their own affairs.
  • Because it’s short-term housing, many landlords who own student property have found that some students are harder on their properties than they would be on their parents’ homes.

How Can Landlords Protect Their Best Interests When They Own Student Housing?

Even though there are minimal risks with owning student housing the good news is that there are a variety of things that landlords can do to protect their best interests.

  • Ask your attorney to create a specific lease that’s written just for your student housing tenant.
  • Your lease should include rules for sound/noise, clauses for damage or repairs, and specific requirements that prohibit barbecuing on the property, using candles, or anything with a flame.

Get Property Management for Your Student Housing Rental Property

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