Reduce Portfolio Risk by Investing in Multi-Family Rental Properties

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It’s October 2018, the long-awaited stock market correction has finally arrived and many investors are getting nervous because their 2018 gains are being wiped out.

Are there any safe investment options out there? The answer to this question is yes! If you want to reduce portfolio risk and have your money generate ROI even during trying economic times you should consider investing in multi-family rental properties.

Multi-Family Offers A Built-In Protection During Trying Economic Times

When the stock market is turbulent and other investment opportunities look shady at best, investing in multi-family rental properties can be considered to be the best investment. Why? With multi-family rental properties, you can count on consistent cash flow every month that your units are rented and if there is turnover you can also raise the rent in accordance with the current market rate, plus the rate of inflation.

Better Than Commercial Rental Properties

Multi-family rental properties are also better than commercial rentals because they are not tied to macroeconomic trends.

These types of rental properties will always be in demand regardless of what’s happening in the economy or who is President of the United States.

This will give any investor peace of mind in knowing that they can always count on consistent ROI from their rental properties in terms of monthly cash flow and the appreciation of their properties.

Best Performing Asset During the Last 20 Years

Did you know that Jim Cramer’s Street Magazine in 2016 declared real estate to be the best performing asset of the last 20 years? That’s right! Even during the dot com boom of the 1990’s and the booming stock market in the mid-2000’s, they view real estate as the best performing asset and it’s easy to see why.

If you had been invested in real estate during the early or mid-2000’s, you could have enjoyed consistent ROI from your rental properties and the appreciation of your assets while other investors portfolios suffered HUGE losses after the dot com bubble burst and the market collapsed in 2008.

Should You Invest in Multifamily Now?

Still debating if you should invest in multi-family rental properties now or not? The answer to this question is you cannot afford to not invest in multifamily because there’s more of a demand for multi-family rental properties in Southern California than ever before and interest rates are still historically low, this means it’s a great time to buy.

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