Onboarding – Listing Prep

Onboarding – Listing Prep

Assuming a prior in-depth analysis of your asset, we collect and prepare property due diligence made accessible to investors through a secured online document vault, accessible only with prospective buyer registration and confidentiality agreement. We also prepare marketing materials utilizing state-of-the-art ground level and drone architectural photography and video. We bring to bear superior market analytics from Costar.


The marketing package includes a detailed description of the property and places it in the context of the local market. The package then lays out the proposed and underlying financing, a summary of the income and expense data, the actual and proforma operating data, recent sales and market rent comparables, an on-site survey of the property detailing the improvements, the amenities, the features of the property and the demographic/tenant profile. All of this information is presented in a manner calculated to establish value for the buyer rather than to present mere data.

The marketing brochures will be made available in several formats:

  1. Printed color brochure
  2. Electronically as a “PDF” file. This file can be emailed to anyone with an email account, as well as be made available via our websites. It is a small and compact file but holds an exact replica of the printed version. Recipients can view and print the brochure in its entirety.
  3. Electronically as “E-Publish” format virtual book with pages that can be ‘virtually flipped’, table of content, zoom in and out features and more.




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