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Welcome to MW Real Estate Group

MW provides integrated full-service brokerage and lean property management. Our comprehensive framework gives clients great value and brings an analytical edge to bear in all endeavors. Thus, MW brings property management intelligence to the brokerage business, and brokerage intelligence such as deep market and financial analysis to property management strategies. If you are interested in adding value to your investment property, purchasing a new commercial or multifamily real estate asset, or if you wish to list your own property in Los Angeles, get in touch with us today! Contact us online via [email protected] or call (213) 927-2117 to learn how to get started with MW Real Estate Group. You can also find out your property value online!



MW Linkedin Testimonial

"Wolf has been an incredible asset to my family as we have expanded our real estate portfolio. Not only did Wolf sell an 8 unit for 17 GRM for us, but he successfully identified and secured 3 separate properties for us for a 1031 exchange, all with excellent cash flow and low GRMs. Wolf also currently manages two of our properties and he and his staff are first class. Wolf is by far the most resourceful, expedient and communicative real estate professional I have ever worked with. He is definitely one of the ‘good guys’ and I trust him completely." Rob Johnsen, Private Investor.

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