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Professional Property Management
MW Real Estate Group views property management as a critical component of the full service transaction and asset management process. Accordingly, MW applies decades of experience and affiliations with the industry’s premier associations to achieve the highest standard of property management. Our goal is to communicate effectively and develop cooperative relationships with tenants while maximizing the investment potential of properties for investors. Additionally, MW is keenly aware of the various types of ownership structure utilized for investment property ownership and the resulting requirement for property management based on ownership type.

Property Management Based on Ownership Type
In any property ownership situation the owner is part of a legal ownership structure either by choice or circumstance. Each ownership type has different requirements for the way its property is operated and funds generated by the asset are used, dispersed, reported, and subjected to risk. Accordingly, MW Real Estate Group complies to the requisite operational and reporting requirements, interacting with the ownership entity as required by the given ownership structure. The more complex the ownership structure, the more rigid and extensive the management requirements, and the more numerous the reporting requirements and recipients. MW Real Estate Group can easily shift gears between the reporting requirements of sole proprietors, for example, versus partners, corporations, or Boards of Directors.