Time and use take their toll on property. Owners expect their real estate managers to protect their investments by maintaining the physical aspects of the structures and common areas. Because a carefully maintained property keeps residents and tenants happy and preserves the property’s appeal, it is also critical to ensuring continued occupancy and, ultimately, cash flow.

MW therefore approaches maintenance with the following objectives in mind: achieving optimal functioning of property; reducing operating costs; extending the useful life of equipment; achieving tenant satisfaction; increasing tenant retention; and maximizing property income and value. But the degree of maintenance required, spanning from cosmetic repair and preventive maintenance to corrective or emergency repairs, depends on many factors such as property cash flow, investment horizon, and degree of pride of ownership.

With its broad experience across different states and property types, MW is adept at developing the management plan for taking any income property to financial success. In terms of execution, MW benefits from long standing vendor and contractor relationships. At the day to day level, MW provides 24 hour live answering service and contractor dispatching to managed properties. All repair and maintenance activities are scheduled and monitored with state-of-the art project management, calendaring software, and GPS enabled contractor monitoring software. Thus, we ensure that projects are attended to timely, with expenditures tracked carefully, using sophisticated software applications to save wherever possible.

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