Occupancy levels of properties determine their income. The financial implications of vacancies for owners are the number one concern. Therefore, maximizing the occupancy of all properties is the primary goal of MW Real Estate Group’s management division. Yet depending on the amount of upside potential of a property versus the cost of obtaining new tenants, the strategy employed for maximizing occupancy may vary considerably from one property to the next. MW excels in determining the best course of action, either for retaining existing tenants or finding new tenants. If finding new tenants is the chosen objective, after a careful evaluation of market rents, MW uses every means of advertising at its disposal to get results: on site post and banner advertising, creative and aggressive custom web campaigns, or newspaper advertising — with the aid of publicists if necessary and within budget.


The MW Real Estate Group Leasing Advantage.
Leasing is a key aspect of maintaining low vacancy rates and minimizing tenant risk on managed properties. As any multifamily investor knows, turning over units quickly and efficiently in order to minimize vacancy rent loss is critical. Less immediately impactful but equally important, customer service and professionalism must be assured during the leasing process in order to set the right tone with residents and start the owner-tenant relationship on good footing. Proper screening is also critical.
MW Real Estate Group has thought the leasing challenge through carefully and implemented solutions to meet the demands of our increasingly service oriented and litigious world. Our state-of-the-art automated leasing system ensures fast and consistent responsiveness to all rental prospect inquiries, whether online or by phone. Every prospect is answered within seconds of inquiring about rental ads with text links and email friendly calendaring options to schedule, cancel, and reschedule apartment viewings at their convenience, or reach out to us for further questions.
Every rental lead gets instantaneous individualized prospect responses both before and after showings. Whether inquiries are made over the web, by email, or by phone, it ensures that within seconds every prospect can learn more about on-the-market listings, schedule showings, and receive tailored follow up communications. Post showing feedback automatically obtained enables us to really understand what may or may not be working with the listing. Post showing links to easily submitted online rental applications entail acceptance of terms that address various facets of fair housing and other precautionary leasing disclosures.
The online listing syndication covered by the marketing side of our rental listing inputs reaches over 50 listing sites. Syndication partners include Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads,, and These are major ones. But others include,,,,,,, and many more. Thus your rental listings get top placement online.
Listing activity reports capture the page views, email inquiries, incoming calls and scheduled showings on each listing. This system handles all the third-party communication for us, from getting the owner’s permission for each individual showing to notifying the current tenants occupying units to be shown with legally required 24 hour notifications about all upcoming showings. It can also encourage each prospect to schedule additional showings at similar properties once they’ve scheduled their first showing automatically and based on criteria we specify. This is the overview of our uniquely customer oriented leasing service.

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