MW Real Estate Group operates in several states and understands that owners rely on their real estate managers to adhere to any special requirements arising from the type of property they own, its location, or its occupants. MW is therefore careful to fulfill all legal requirements—federal, state, or local– for managing and operating their property. Key legal issues which MW is expert at handling and approaches armed with the best available legal counsel include Landlord-tenant law, lease negotiation, evictions, and property specific concerns pertaining to various property types (common interest realty associations, multifamily, commercial, office, shopping centers, etc.).


MW Provides:

  • General liability insurance with tenant discrimination coverage and workers comp for company sub contractors.
  • Experience with Section 8 bureaucracy.
  • Wide ranging experience and excellent network of legal specialists for overseeing property management related legal matters including tenant lawsuits, workers comp claims, general liability claims, habitability claims, REAP, and other issues.
  • Many years of interaction with Los Angeles housing department and various levels of housing complaint risk mitigation.

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