Committed to changing lives for the better, MW Real Estate Group devotes a portion of our profits to providing gifts of hope.  Every month, we provide necessities to youths and families in underprivileged communities by gifting services and items in much-needed areas, including education, health, livelihood, disaster relief and recovery. Our philanthropy is through Plan USA International, which has been helping children in extreme poverty all over the world since 1937.

Charitable giving has a profound ripple effect. Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. A single act of kindness can change lives in more ways than we possibly fathom. Similarly, we hope to be a good example for the next generation and give back a little of the profits that we earn by providing valuable oversight and management services to owners and residents of properties where abundance reigns by comparison.

Donated through Plan USA International

  • Three Separate Gifts - Dec 2018

    1. A sheep for nutritious cheese, yogurt and lambswool.- 2. A playground for kids in Sierra Leone. -3. Protect a girl fund to educate about the dangers of trafficking, and provide real training and job opportunities.

  • Hurricane Florence Red Cross - Sept 2018

    This gift consists of a Red Cross donation to hurricane victims

  • Feed 3 Malnourished Children - Feb 2017

    This gift consists of feeding three malnourished children in Ethiopia.

  • Piglets - Male & Female Dec 2016

    By the time one of these little pigs is 1 year old, it will weigh around 200 pounds and give birth to its first litter of piglets that can be sold at market, providing a source of nutrition and income.

  • Hens and Roosters - Dec 2016

    This gift consists of three local hens and one rooster. MW donated 3 sets (9 hens / 3 roosters). Each of these gifts will allow a family to breed chickens and harvest plenty of eggs, providing healthy food and additional income for the family.

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