Marketing Part 2

Marketing Part 2

First 21 days: We zero in the MW sphere of influence and client base, active buyers for similar properties within the past year, 1031 exchanger buyers, and inside track broker presentations.


MW Team Brokerage has a proprietary database of existing clients who specialize in multifamily tiered by area and investor type and also subscribes to the most sophisticated market analytics and legal and public-records research databases, thereby giving the MW team unique access to buyers who have acquired similar properties within the past 24 months. These prospective buyers are presented the offering through direct mailings of marketing brochures and telephone contact.


During in-office agent presentations, we showcase your property in the listing office of Downtown Keller Williams, where several teams specializing in commercial and multifamily sales have a specific track record selling this type of property. These agents in turn contact buyers whom they are presently working with as well as clients they have closed previous deals with.


Active 1031 exchange buyers who are actively working with MW Team Brokerage in consummating a 1031 exchange are contacted. These investors are especially motivated to conclude the purchase of income-producing real estate, as they must acquire new properties to replace recently sold assets within narrow specified IRS required time frames for concluding an exchange in order to defer capital gains taxes on sales proceeds.


In sum, MW Team Brokerage uses its long-standing position in the brokerage community, coupled with its relationships in the field to benefit its clients.  Property owners are well-served when properties receive exposure to the greatest number of potential buyers. The greater the exposure a property has, the greater the opportunity for multiple, competitive offers.


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