California Lawmakers Approve AB 3088 – Eviction Ban Extended Through January 2021

California Lawmakers Approve AB 3088 – Eviction Ban Extended Through January 2021

AB 3088

With the eviction moratorium set to expire on September 2nd, California lawmakers have been working hard over the last week to pass a new eviction ban.

They accomplished their goal last night by approving AB 3088, a new eviction ban which will postpone evictions for tenants who have been unable to pay their rent during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike the previous Coronavirus eviction ban, renters who have been affected by Coronavirus must pay 25% of their monthly rent from September through January 2021.

Renters who are unable to pay 25% of their rent during the 5-month eviction ban can be evicted for nonpayment of rent and normal evictions will resume once this new eviction ban expires in February.

How Do Tenants Prove That They’ve Been Affected Economically By Coronavirus?

For a tenant to qualify to pay only 25% of their rent from September through January 2021, they must fill out paperwork provided to them by their landlords which states that they’ve suffered a decline in their earnings or had increased expenses, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sadly, no actual documentation of decreased income or increased spending is required by renters. All a renter needs to do is fill out the paperwork provided to them by their landlord and they will only have to pay 25% of their rent each month for the next 5 months.

Signed Into Law Last Night

With Governor Newsom signing this bill into law last night, the State of California now has just 5 months to come up with a permanent solution for postponing the eviction crisis in California.

Most new networks and analysts see AB 3088 as lawmakers essentially “kicking the can” for another five months as the state postpones what many people see as inevitable.

Mom And Pop Landlords Still Hurting

What’s worse about extending the eviction ban is that it does nothing to help small “mom and pop” landlords have lost tens of thousands of dollars since the eviction ban began.

California landlords will have to wait until February 2021 until they can take their tenants to court for unpaid rent unless lawmakers continue to cave to tenant’s rights groups and approve another bill that cancels all back rent incurred during the pandemic.

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