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Thanks to a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), we know that multifamily developer confidence has declined in Q4. The NAHB survey analyzes two indices to determine the findings in their survey; they specifically look at the multifamily production index and the...

2022 is quickly ending, and with the end of another year comes the opportunity for us to look ahead to the new year and the opportunities that it holds for the LA Rental market. In today’s article, we will break down what the coming year is...

Freddie Mac announced recently that they will be doing more to help resolve the national housing shortage by ramping up financing that will support multifamily housing. Their new financing options will specifically be designed for newly constructed, and substantially renovated, multifamily properties nationwide. “This move will help...

Los Angeles area landlords breathed a collective sigh of relief this week as the City Council voted to extend COVID-19 eviction protections until the end of January 2023. This means that unless eviction protections are extended again in January, renters could face a normal rental market,...

Due to the housing crisis in Los Angeles, commercial landlords are quietly turning their vacant office buildings into apartment buildings. The move comes at the right time as Los Angeles faces a historic housing crisis due to a lack of inventory, and economic conditions that are...

It doesn’t matter how we define it; a recession is officially here. And the big question is how will it affect multifamily? In this article, we will answer this question while offering insight into how the recession will affect multifamily for the remainder of 2022 and...

In March 2020, the eviction moratorium was necessary to fight the spread of COVID-19, but with life slowly returning to normal the Los Angeles eviction moratorium continues. Mom and pop landlords in Los Angeles recently met with city leaders at LA City Hall to discuss ending...

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