How to know when a multifamily guest has overstayed their welcome, and become a tenant

How to know when a multifamily guest has overstayed their welcome, and become a tenant

One of the most common things that a landlord may encounter while the own multifamily investment properties in Los Angeles is a tenant who has a guest that stays longer than they should.

Can that guest be classified as a tenant?

In this article we will answer this question and offer you tips on how to handle this situation.

They Have Stayed for More Than 2 Weeks

Most multifamily leases have specific language which states that guests cannot stay with a tenant for more than two weeks at a time.

If this happens, the guest’s stay must be approved by the landlord; otherwise, the guest should be considered a tenant and added to the lease.

They Start Moving Their Belongings In

Another example of a guest becoming a tenant is when they start moving their personal belongings into the rental property.

At this point, it’s undeniable that they can be a classified as a tenant because, guests who are not staying for more than two weeks shouldn’t need to bring more than a few suitcases of luggage with them.

They Are Contributing Towards the Rent

Guests should also be considered tenants if it’s clear that they are contributing towards paying the rent, or your tenant’s monthly rent payment is now coming from the guest’s checking account.

They Are Receiving Mail at The Rental Property

Once a guest starts receiving mail at the rental property, this is another sign that they’ve officially moved in and can now be called a tenant because, no guest should be receiving mail at a rental property unless they intend to move there permanently.

They Have Been Putting in Maintenance Requests

Lastly, another indicator that a guest has moved into a rental property is when they begin to make maintenance requests.

Most guests would never do this, and it’s another indicator that they have a vested interest in where they are staying.

Landlords who suspect that their tenant now has a guest that can be considered to be a tenant shouldn’t hesitate to act quickly to resolve this issue by letting the tenant know that they are in violation of their lease and action will be taken unless the guest doesn’t leave.

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