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2021 started still in the middle of the lockdown, and most owners wondering what would happen to Los Angeles Multifamily. Thankfully, the year is ending in a much better place than it began, and the Los Angeles multifamily market has had a great year. What’s Happening With...

The demand for Class C Apartment Buildings has reached record highs over the last 18 months as more investors in Los Angeles have been searching for these properties than ever before. Why are investors scouring the market for Class C Apartments? The reason is simple. During...

Spring 2021 is officially here and as the weather warns up across Los Angeles, more investors are going to taking a fresh look at multifamily properties in Los Angeles. If you’re thinking of investing in LA area multifamily properties, or you’re interested in learning more about...

Are you planning on investing in a multifamily investment property in Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California? If so, one of the most important things that you will have to do as an investor is to analyze that property to determine if it’s going...

  CAP Rate Calculations; The ROI Formula Lens of Lenders vs Investors   After the 2007 market crash, CCIMs  and  other  commercial  real estate  professionals were often asked, 'What is it worth?" With a paucity of sales from which to extract investment  benchmarks, many of us were limited to guesswork,...

2013 FEDERAL TAX CHANGES AND IMPACT ON COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE By Wolf Baschung, CCIM, CPM 2013 tax changes rental property? What changes you make ask.  CCIM Institute provides relevant legislative news and supporting resources to answer questions and protect members' businesses. Federal, state, and local laws impact...

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